Of course, many of us think of books when we hear the word library, but there are so many more amazing benefits of being a member of your local library. The other day I was doing some work in a quiet corner that was filled with cake and muffin pans to borrow! On my way out, I picked up a few new DVDs to watch on a road trip we were taking, and returned a museum pass that we had borrowed. All for free!

I’ve summarized the list below of some of the unexpected things your library may offer. This varies significantly by library, but don’t be shy in asking your library if they would be willing to start any of these programs!


Unexpected Things Your Library May Offer


You can get a lot more than just books from your local library. Learn how you can maximize your library benefits and all the crazy, and unexpected things your library may offer. #usefultip #lifehack #everydayadvice #library


  • Access audio books and eBook


  • Access to the latest DVDs and Blue Rays (many libraries get new movies the same day they are released!


  • Receive free or discounted passes to museums and parks


  • Stream movies, music, eBooks, audiobooks, TV shows, and comics for free using Hoopla


  • Access to family tree archives


  • Read/ download recent magazines


  • Access to consumer reports


  • Rent conference rooms


  • Attend children’s programs like story time, music classes, arts and crafts and new mom meet ups (And many libraries are also a wonderful free outing for kids. Our library is like a playground with toys, Legos, puzzles, puppets, trains, and more.)


  • Attend free events like adult yoga and adult arts and crafts nights


  • Access online programs to learn a foreign language (for free)


  • Print/scan/fax for a nominal fee (some even have 3D printers)


  • Receive home delivery if you are home-bound


  • Borrow an e-reader/iPad


  • Borrow a wi-fi hot spot


  • Clip newspaper coupons


  • Access free internet/computers


The list of available offerings varies across libraries. Here are some other interesting/non-traditional things offered at some libraries. Check out your local library to see if they offer any of these items to borrow:


  • Cake pans in fun designs


  • Tools


  • Musical instruments


  • Snow shoes


  • Shovels


  • Sleds


  • Santa suits


  • Prom dresses


  • Toys and dolls


  • Halloween costumes


  • Therapy dogs (yes, you read that right!)


  • Artwork


  • Board games


  • Seeds (for gardening)


  • Hiking gear


  • Fishing poles


  • Go-Pro


Does your local library offer anything unique and unusual?



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