Everyone wants their house to feel like a home. They want it to radiate cozy and warm vibes that are inviting, but many people don’t know where to start or are afraid of the expensive price tag. Creating a cozy home doesn’t have to be expensive nor difficult. Here are some of my top tips for creating a cozy home.

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How to Create a Cozy Home That You Love

Bring out the blankets and pillows.

Throw blankets and fluffy pillows are the easiest way to transform a bedroom or living room into something cozier and warmer. Big and fluffy blankets make any couch, chair, or bed more inviting and appear to be warm and cozy. Pillows make any furniture look more appealing and put together. The combination of the two is the easiest and probably cutest way to create a cozy home.

Light a candle.

There are endless candles to choose from that all offer unique scents to satisfy everyone. Avoid placing candles near open windows or air vents to maximize their scent. Switch up your candles each season too. Pumpkin and apple scents are best in the fall, whereas fruity scents are better in the spring and summer. 

Bring warmth with an area rug.

A cozy rug can completely transform a room. They can make a small room appear larger. They help bring all of the elements in a room together. They create a more comfortable, warm environment. 

Keep the clutter at bay.

The term “cozy” can be misleading in the sense of clutter. Any clutter (whether it be personal clutter or decorative clutter) can actually take away from the cozy vibes. Clean off your countertops. Avoid over decorating. Put things away or designate a specific spot for it, especially those stacks of papers, mail, or magazines. 

Add some life with plants.

Plants are a great way to fill in empty space on a surface, windowsill, or even the floor. You can also add them to your front door or front porch to make your home look more welcoming from the outside too. Choose plants and flowers that match the style of your room to ensure that they do not stand out too much. If you are not one with a green thumb, fake plants or flowers can work just as well.

Light up the room with fairy lights.

This one might seem too much like a college students’ dorm, but believe me, you can make them look less cheesy. Fairy lights can be added on tv stands or inside vases to add a little touch of light. You could also buy Christmas lights around the holidays and string them along the tops of your walls over mirrors. I recommend buying the all-white ones for a classier look. These lights are perfect to switch on while watching movies or on a rainy day.

Opt for neutral colors with pops of color.

Neutral colors are often a go-to when designing and decorating homes. However, it is common for people to overuse neutrals. Try to incorporate pops of color here and there to add life to the room. These “pops of color” can come from your throw blankets, pillows, wall decorations, etc.

Decorate selectively. 

It’s easy to get carried away and over decorate. You should decorate with meaningful and special decorations, rather than just using anything and everything. Choose things that you truly like and will add something to the room. Avoid meaningless items. It is better to have not enough decorative items than too many!!

Mix and match cozy textures. 

Choose softer and warmer textures that are more inviting. For blankets, fluffier and thicker textures will be more appealing than quilted or rough textures. Pillows should also have softer textures. A good way to decide if they are cozy textures is determining if it is something that you would cozy up not the couch with.

Rugs are another item that comes with different textures. Although the white fur rugs are extremely cute and trendy, they might not always be the most practical. Other soft textures can be just as cozy and a bit more practical. 

Decorate for the seasons.

Sometimes this can become quite expensive, especially when you are initially starting. Seasonal items can be quite pricey, and the cheaper options are usually of cheaper quality. Look for markdowns after the season and work on building a stash for the following season for a fraction of the cost. Decorating for each of the seasons and holidays can turn your house into a home. 

Slip-on a pair of slippers and a comfy robe.

This is a personal way to make your home cozier for you. Designating a specific pair of comfy slippers and a cozy robe will instantly make your entire home cozier because you will be cozy yourself!! 

Update your bedding.

There is nothing like a cozy bedroom. Think bright and light for warm months and flannel and fleece in the winter. For an added touch of coziness, fold a plush blanket at the foot of your bed.

Cozy up by the fire.

The warmth from the fire and just the crackling sounds can instantly make the room cozier. For those who do not have a fireplace, do not worry. There are so many fireplace videos on YouTube, Netflix, and even on-demand for some t.v. providers. Although they do not add warmth to the room, they still are very relaxing and provide cozy vibes. 

Create a cozy and inviting home with these simple tips. Learn how to turn your house into a home.

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