Here’s a neat little trick to share with those who use an iPhone or iPad. Have you ever typed out a long text message, and then decided you need to start again? Rather than hitting the backspace button (a million times), there is an easy hack to undo typing.

The best news is that this trick goes both ways – you can either undo typing or redo typing for those times that you accidentally delete something you didn’t mean to!

How to Undo (or Redo) on Your iPhone (or iPad) 

This technology tip is super easy. All you have to do is…

Shake your iPhone to Undo (or Redo)

It’s that simple. You have likely even come across this by accident. If you have ever “tossed” your phone to someone else, and saw a message pop up asking if you want to undo typing, it’s really this trick in action!

The details on how to undo typing on your iPhone…

The next time you need to undo typing, delete a large block of text that you just typed, or “go back”, shake your iPhone to undo.

You will be prompted with a pop up asking if you want to undo. Select “Undo” to go back to the view the last time you made a change. If you shake your phone again, you can continue to select “Undo” to go back even further, or you can select “Redo” to revert back to your starting point.

This comes in handy when you want to delete a large block of text that you’ve typed in your Notes or Email app.

This can also be used when you want to undo an action. For example, you accidentally delete an email. Rather than having to go into your trash to restore it, simply shake your iPhone and it will ask you if you want to “Undo Trash”.

How to turn this feature off

If you are prone to shaking your phone and want to turn this feature off, you can do so under Settings; General; Accessibility; Shake to Undo.


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how to undo typing on iphone

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