Welcome Friend! I’m so happy you are here. Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Jaclyn – I’m a mother to two sweet little girls, wife (to my high school sweetheart), sister, daughter, and hopefully a fun and resourceful friend to all! I am in corporate business by day, e-commerce and blogging by night, and living life’s adventure during whatever hours remain! Some may say, I am a Jac(k) of all things!

I have a thirst for learning – not necessarily the type of knowledge you may get reading school books, but I love that so-called “useless information” as some may call it.  (Of course, I disagree – for its been pretty useful for me!)

I am a HUGE researcher – whether it be for a life-changing decision, or something as little as making my to do list.  I love to research and take in all the information I can to make the best, most educated decision, and ideally save money and time while I’m at it. I thrive for the feeling of masterminding and winning at life and LOVE to help others obtain that same feeling of success.

Over the years, I have collected quite the “bank” of random knowledge in my head. My family and friends may not come to me when they need help on their history test, or spelling a word (seriously my downside), but they know that I may know how to get the best deal on a trip, navigate the crazy, chaotic world of motherhood, plan an effortless party, start a new business, or even have some sort of hack for changing your duvet cover (which yes, I do!)  Throughout this blog, while the content may cover various aspects of life, all articles, tips, tricks, hacks, and information will help you feel like a Mastermind of Life.

Some may say, well Jaclyn, you know the saying is really “A jack of all trades, is a master of none….” Well, first piece of “useless knowledge” (which this one may actually be…) – the quote is actually “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

I hope you enjoy this journey of life with me!

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