We’ve round up the best coffee hacks and other interesting information all about your favorite beverage; coffee.

Read on to learn how you are drinking your coffee all wrong and of course, how to fix that! 


13 of the Best Coffee Hacks and Other Interesting Coffee Facts


These coffee hacks and interesting coffee facts will change your life!



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The best time to drink coffee is between 10:00 am – 11:30 am and 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.


You may instantly be questioning this as someone who can’t function before your morning cup of coffee, but this comes down to science. You want to drink your coffee when your cortisol levels are low (or dip). Cortisol naturally makes you feel alert and awake, so you want the extra boost from coffee when your levels are low.


You can use coffee as a memory aid.


There is research that suggests you drink 200 mg of coffee after you learn something to better remember it.


Pair coffee with a nap to get even more energy.


Have you ever heard of drinking coffee before you nap? You can actually get more energy out of it if you time it appropriately. Drink a cup of coffee and then nap for 20 minutes or so. (Don’t go longer than 30 minutes though as this is when you become groggy!)


Drink coffee before you work out to improve endurance.


Try drinking a cup of coffee before you work out. The caffeine helps burn fat as energy and improves endurance.


Avoid watery iced coffee with coffee ice cubes.


If you want iced coffee but don’t like the watery taste when the ice melts, make your own coffee ice cubes. Simply pour coffee into ice cube trays, freeze, and use those next time you want a cup of iced coffee. As the “ice” melts, you just get more coffee!


Use baking soda to lower the acid in your coffee.


Love coffee but find that it’s a but too acidic? Neutralize it by sprinkling a small amount of baking soda into the grounds before making a cup. For a whole pot, try two small sprinkles. You may have to play around with how much to use – it will taste flat if you use too much.


Substitute milk or cream with butter to loose weight and boost energy.


Substitute your milk or cream with a small “slice” of unsalted, grass-fed butter. It can help you loose weight, boost energy, and tastes the same as milk/cream.

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Get that sweet taste with cinnamon instead of sugar.


Replace your sugar for cinnamon for a sweeter taste without the actual sugar.


Make cold brew coffee for a less acidic drink.


To make cold brew coffee, which is less acidic than hot coffee, soak ground coffee beans in water for 12 hours and then strain.


Use salt to make your coffee less bitter.


If your coffee is too bitter, try adding a pinch of salt.


Store your coffee in the pantry; not the freezer!


Don’t store your coffee in the freezerAll that does is keep your coffee cold, not fresh!



Allow your coffee to bloom when making in a French Press.


If you are making coffee in a French Press, pour a small amount of your hot water over the ground coffee and stir. Allow the coffee to bloom (fizz up) which causes a rapid release of carbon dioxide. Then pour in the rest of the water.


Use a paper towel or napkin in place of a coffee filter.


If you run out of coffee filters, don’t worry! Simply use a paper towel or napkin in place of your filter.

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