These helpful hotel hacks for families will help you make you feel more at home when staying at a hotel, and may help save money too!


Read these genius hotel hacks for families to make your next hotel stay amazing! Traveling with kids gets easier with these great tips and tricks for hotel stays to use on your next vacation. #traveltips #hotel #hoteltrips #hotelhacks

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11 Genius Hotel Hacks for Families

1. Create a table with the ironing board

Use the ironing board for extra table space.

You can cover with an extra sheet, and place at the end of the bed for a makeshift table for kids.

This can be great for meals, games, or just to have some extra table space in your room.

It's perfect for kids because you can adjust the height to work best for them!

2. Keep your toiletries organized

To keep organized, store your toiletries in an over-the-door shoe hanger and hang in the bathroom.

3. Use shower caps to store dirty shoes in your suitcase

Before you pack up at a hotel, grab some extra shower caps. These are perfect for wrapping up dirty shoes so you don't bring the dirt into your suitcase.

4. Bring a pop up hamper

Bring a pop-up hamper to keep everyone’s dirty clothes out of the way.

5. Stream movies right in your hotel room

Many TV’s have the capability to stream Netflix or other movies.

Bring your own streaming device (e.g. Fire Stick), plug into the hotel TV, hook up to WiFi, and start streaming.

6. Tell your hotel if you are celebrating a special occasion

Hotels want you to have a great experience staying with them. If you are celebrating something special, be sure to share that with your hotel ahead of time. You may be surprised with a special treat or upgrade.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to write to the hotel concierge before you arrive.

Within your letter, let them know that you are celebrating a special occasion, and looking to make the experience extra special. You may ask them if they have any suggestions for local restaurants, fun experiences, or nearby gift shops. You can even ask them to provide a special note for your room for the person celebrating.

Be sure to provide information on your stay as well, including the dates you are staying and your loyalty number (if you have one.)

While this may not get you special treatment or an upgrade at every hotel, you may be surprised with the luck you have!

7. Ask for bed rails for your little ones

If you are traveling with little ones, ask your hotel if they have bed rails. Many hotels have bed rails that can be attached to your child's bed so you can sleep worry-free and avoid middle-of-the-night falls.

8. Ask for extra pillows

When traveling as a family, extra pillows can come in hand.

You can line the floor with them (if you are worried about your children falling out of bed and do not have bed rails.)

You can use them as a divider between kids sleeping in bed so each child has their own individual space.

You can also use them to wedge in between the bed and nightstand to avoid little ones from slipping "through the cracks".

9. Use the hotel coffee maker to make quick meals

Use the hot water in your hotel's coffee maker to cook food for the family!

It's really amazing how many meals you can make using just a coffee maker.

Of course there are the more simple ones like instant soup, Ramen, oatmeal, and mac & cheese where you just add water and follow the directions on the package.

If you feel like sprucing it up and making something more fancy, check out this post on more foods you can make in your hotel coffee maker.

10. Ask your hotel if they have appliances you can borrow

Some hotels offer blenders, crock pots, and other cooking appliances that you can borrow to make your hotel stay more homey.

Many also offer portable fans, games, even curling irons!

It doesn't hurt to ask your hotel what appliances they may have that you can borrow.

11. Have groceries delivered to your room

To save some extra money, avoid getting room service or eating out and use a grocery delivery service.

Ask your hotel concierge which local grocery stores deliver.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can also use Amazon Prime Now for cheap 2-hour grocery delivery!


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These genius hotel hacks for families will make your next hotel stay amazing! Traveling with kids is so much better with these great tips and tricks for hotel stays to use on your next vacation. #traveltips #hotel #hoteltrips #hotelhacks


These clever family hotel hacks will make your next hotel stay so much better! Traveling with kids is easier with these great tips and tricks for hotel stays to use on your next vacation. #traveltips #hotel #hoteltrips #hotelhacks

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