Do you know that the TV remote (and bedside lamp switches) are the dirtiest things in a hotel room? There are some key things that you MUST do (and clean!) immediately when you check-in to a hotel room before you throw yourself onto the bed and bring on vacation mode! 

5 Things to Do when entering a hotel room

1. Disinfect

Disinfect the TV remote, light switches, handles, toilet handle and telephone Bring a travel-size pack of disinfectant wipes and this should take you all of one minute to do.

Or if you want to really stay clear of germs, even better option is to bring a plastic baggie and place the remote in the bag. You can still use it while in the bag and not have to worry about any germs.

2. Check for Bed Bugs

To check for bed bugs, pull down the comforter, sheets, and pillows and inspect the corners and seams of the mattress. Also, look behind the headboard.

You want to keep your eyes out for actual bugs, eggs, or dark, rust-like spots.

Keep your luggage in the bathroom where bed bugs are least likely to hang out or, if use luggage holders to keep your luggage elevated from the floor.

3. Locate your nearest emergency exit

In the event of an emergency, you should know where the
nearest exit is.

In many cases this can be found on the back of the door. Or
simply walk down the hall to locate the stairs and elevators.

An even better practice would be to count the number of
steps from the room to the stairs in the event of a fire where you can’t see
your way.

4. Check your safe

Check your safe to make sure it works.

5. Set a meet-up location if traveling with others

If you are traveling with others, agree upon a location that
you will meet at should you get lost from each other.

Must have items for hotel

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5 Things to Do When Checking into a Hotel

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