Have you ever closed a tab while browsing the web and then realized you didn’t mean to? Rather than having to find the site again, there is an easy way to reopen a recently closed tab. Or, have you accidentally closed a Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file before saving? Read on for simple tricks to recover the information you need in seconds.


Have you ever closed a document or website then realize you didn’t mean to? Rather than loosing your hard work, read these simple tips to restore recently closed files. #technologytip #lifehack

How to Reopen a Recently Closed Tab on the Web


On Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge:


  • Hold down Ctrl+Shift+T at the same time. (If you repeat this function, it will continue to open closed tabs in the order they were closed.)


  • If you want to see all of your recent history, simply hold down CTRL+H at the same time to pull up a listing of your history.

On Safari (on a Mac):


  • If you closed a tab by mistake recently, you can press Command+Z at the same time to undo.


  • You can also access your prior history under the History tab at the top of your menu bar.


How to Reopen a Recently Closed Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint File


  • First, open the application that you were using (i.e. Word, Excel, or PowerPoint).


  • Click on File.


First step to recovering recently closed documents


  • Select Recent.


Screen shot to recover files that were recently closed

  • Click Recover Unsaved Documents, Recover Unsaved Workbooks, or Recover Unsaved Presentations (depending on which application you are in).


This is the screen shot of where you can find your unsaved files within Word to recover files recently closed.


  • A new window will open with your unsaved files. Select open, and don’t forget to hit Save As so you don’t lose the file again!


This is the screen you should see with your unsaved files.

Caveat: You need to have your settings set up in a way to auto save. There are two buttons in your settings that you must have turned on. Read below for directions to set up your auto save.  


Directions to Set Up Auto Save


  • Within the application (i.e. Word, Excel, or PowerPoint), select File, then Options. In the window that pops up, select Save from the sidebar. Make sure the following buttons are selected:
    • Save AutoRecover information every “x” minutes (I have mine set to 10 minutes)
    • Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving


Make sure boxes are highlighted for autos ave


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