School lunches shouldn’t be a pain to put together. Make them more fun with these 10 necessities that every kid needs in their lunch box.

school lunch box must haves

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Sandwiches Cut into Fun Shapes

Cut your child’s sandwiches into fun shapes with sandwich cutters. You can find them in so many different shapes and will make any sandwich 10x more fun. These will help encourage even the toughest eaters to eat. They can also be used to cut pancakes, watermelon, etc.


Who says you need to be limited to cold lunch only? You can now pack hot lunches as well in this compact, portable thermos.

Silicone Muffin Liners

The muffin liners are not just for baking! They are a fun way to send in snacks and veggies.

Inspirational Notes

Back when I went to school, my mother used to write little love notes on the outside of our brown paper bags. Every day I looked forward to her sweet message and vowed that when I had kids, I would send them to school with the same “love notes”.

Lunchbox Note Prompts

Inspirational Lunch Box Notes

Bento Lunch Containers

We did an interesting experiment in our house. I sent my kids to school with their lunch in a handful of disposable bags one day, and the next in a fun bento box with compartments. We like to give a mix of healthy snacks and some fun ones too, so there is quite the variety in our lunches. Want to know what happened on those days with disposable bags? Those “healthy snacks” didn’t get touched. They were sent home without a single bite! But when that same lunch/snack combo was presented in the bento box, my kids tried every option. The verdict in our house…bento boxes = better choices made by my kids.

Check out some of our favorites below.

Bentgo 4-compartment lunch box container

Yumbox Original Leakproof Bento Lunch Box

Meal Prep Containers

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Tons of school lunch ideas! Perfect for the picky child! Includes lots of healthy options for children and toddlers as well for school. Just what you need for back to school lunches!

Ice Packs

Want some lunch with that ice? Thin ice packs are a must in every child’s lunch box.

Water Bottle

The Yeti Jr Rambler is our top choice for a water bottle on-the-go. (The best part…these water bottles can be thrown in the dishwasher, unlike so many others, for easy cleaning!)

Fun Food Picks and Forks

These fun food pics and forks are totally unnecessary, but 100% fun (especially with younger kids). You can use them as decoration, or they can be used as mini forks!

Fun Bites Sandwich Cutters (bite sized pieces)

Have a picky eater? You’ve got to try out these adorable and fun little cutters (featured on SharkTank!). They make food fun by cutting practically anything into small bite-sized pieces.

Reusable Snack Bags

Reusable bags beat disposable bags any day of the week.

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