Everyone is always looking for a fun date night whether it be with your significant other or your friends or maybe even with your kids, but it is not always easy to get out of the house. With current times, we never realized what it would be like to not be able to leave our homes or go out to dinner. Times have changed greatly, but that does not mean date nights have to end!! You can have a perfect date from the comfort of your own home and maybe even involve the kiddos.

Here are some date night ideas that you can have in your own home.

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At Home Date Night Ideas

  1. Have a game night with board games
  2. Complete a puzzle together.
  3. Cook a new recipe.
  4. Order takeout and eat it by candlelight.
  5. Have a fondue night.
  6. Make homemade ice cream.
  7. Bake something.
  8. Have a picnic in your backyard or even in your living room.
  9. Make homemade pizza.
  10. Have breakfast in bed (even if its for dinner!).
  11. Binge watch a new TV show.
  12. Have a spa night with a bath and massages.
  13. Have a movie marathon.
  14. Go camping in your backyard.
  15. Build a fort inside.
  16. Have a sip and paint.
  17. Play against each other in video games.
  18. Have a trivia night.
  19. Learn a new dance from YouTube or TikTok.
  20. Have a karaoke night.
  21. Have a Cook Off Challenge (Top Chef inspired).
  22. Learn each others love languages.
  23. Design your dream houses.
  24. Write a bucket list.
  25. Write each other love letters and then read them to each other.


The Best Adventurous Date Night Ideas

12 Months of Dates (the perfect gift!)

75 Fun and Romantic Date Nights

  1. Take a virtual museum tour.
  2. Build an indoor mini golf course.
  3. Roast marshmallows in a fire pit or by the fireplace.
  4. Do a workout together.
  5. Take a trip down memory lane with photo albums and old photos.
  6. Do an at home escape room.
  7. Have a casino night.
  8. Have a Theme Night.
    • Mexican: make a nacho, burrito, or taco bar and margaritas.
    • Italian: make homemade pizza or pasta.
    • French: have a cheese platter and wine.
    • Japanese: learn to make sushi.
  9. Complete a DIY or craft.
    • Create a scrapbook
    • Paint
    • tie dye
    • Draw on ceramic plates or mugs
  10. Do a beer tasting.
Spice things up with these at home date night ideas! These date night ideas are perfect for every couple!

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